Getting All Dressed Up

I’m not a huge fan of salad.  Honestly, it has to have a lot going on for me to be interested (read: nuts, fruit, croutons, ice cream, candy, a big fat hamburger….) .  One thing that helps, is a really good dressing; Although really good dressing usually also means really unhealthy.

During this journey, I’ve been creative in making and finding recipes that FIT my new lifestyle.  Today, I’m sharing with you a SUPER easy FAT FREE dressing, that I found and love.

Mustard Lime Dressing

  • 1/4 C. Fresh Lime Juice
  • 2 TBL Honey
  • 2 TBL White Wine Vinegar
  • 2 TBL Dijon Mustard

Nutrition Facts (per 1 TBL) (makes ~12 TBL)

  • Cal 18
  • Fat 0
  • Net Carb 9.1
  • Fib .04
  • Sug 4.4
  • Pro .05

The cool thing about this recipe is that you can take it in all sorts of different directions with minimal change in Nutrition.  Try adding garlic, ginger, or using a different vinegar to change up the taste a little.  Look at me sounding all serious and stuff…

The picture below is a simple grilled chicken over arugula with grilled and raw apple slices.  Have you grilled apple?  Holy Moly.  I mean, grilled fruit is sooooo good, so apples HAD to be delicious.  They didn’t disappoint.  Over top, I drizzled the dressing, and this time I made it using Apple Cider Vinegar.  Yummy!



We Shall Call Him Franz

So the last time I was writing about my trainer (poor soul), I mentioned that we should give him a name.  After many good ideas, I presented the list to him.  After quick deliberation, he chose a name, but I didn’t like his response, so I’m choosing one for him.  We will now call him Franz.

So, my latest story about Franz is that I really, officially think that he is trying to kill me.  During my last work out with him, after I was finished with most of my exercises and headed to the last one, he kept repeating, ‘Ooooh!  We have ten minutes left! You’re gonna have to do this for ten minutes!  You’re gonna hate me!’  Too late, Franz.  I already do.

The  last thing Franz wanted me to do was pick up a 60lb sand bag, and walk it down the track, and back.  When I got back to the beginning, I was to put the bag down, and pick up a kettle bell in each hand.  Each one weighed about 40lbs.  My first trip down the track with the bag I thought, “I used to carry this weight around on me every single day of my life”.  My first trip down the track with the kettle bells I thought “Holy shit, I used to carry THIS weight around on me every single day of my life”.

My OMG moments were rudely interrupted by Franz telling me to stand up straight.  Here’s the thing- When you were 85lbs heavier, you’re used to holding your body weight in a certain way.  Standing up straight to me, is actually leaning back in the normal world.  When Franz tried to get me to stand straight, it felt like I was leaning forward.  Add 60-80 pounds of weights, and I am like a hobbling old woman.  I don’t even know how any of this makes sense because currently, I feel like I am just leaning forward all the time.  I think I need a posture brace. That should work out well while I’m trying to hop, squat, and lift at the gym.

Anyways, I did this for ten whole minutes, just like Franz threatened.  When I was done, I dropped the weights, and put myself back in that happy place thinking, “I used to carry that.  I USED to.  Not anymore.”


That Time A High School Child Watched Me Work Out

So let me start off by saying that I am SICK AND TIRED of not being able to go to the gym, and work out with my trainer.  Physical Therapy has been ridiculously helpful for my shoulder injury, but I feel like a waste of space without my routine.  On Tuesday, at my PT appointment, I asked about heading back to work with my trainer, and the staff at the office collaboratively put together some ideas of things for me to do without further hurting myself.

On Wednesday, I was back at it.  After PT on Tuesday, I immediately messaged my OLD trainer (I’mmmmmm BAAAAAACKKKK!!!) and told him what I could and couldn’t do.  He was on board, and we scheduled my first day back with him, at a new facility.

I was freaking petrified of starting again, and honestly, I should have believed my fear.  It was as if I had never been before in my whole life.  So this new facility is a great space and like I described in a previous post, it was like an entire place made up like ‘The Green’, at my gym. Fortunately for everyone on planet earth, only two people were working out, while I was there.  Unfortunately for me, they were both innocent children (Presumably, High Schoolers).  I quickly got into Nanny Mode, and stifled my swears.

The very first thing the devil of a personal trainer I have wanted me to do, was jump up onto a block.  Jump.  I don’t jump.  Let’s not forget, that I may be skinnier, but I’m not any more athletic.  In fact, I still have all that BODY left hanging around (Picture E.T.), so jumping seems completely out of my reach.  Never mind the fact that I have SLS (self diagnosed and named Short Leg Syndrome), and he wanted me to jump on a block half my height. After much complaining, his alternative for me was to ‘long’ jump down the track.  I basically fucking hopped.  I was completely self conscience, made fun of how far my distance was, and asked him to describe my jiggle upon landing.   The whole time, one of the poor, innocent, children WATCHED and LISTENED (and smirked- little shit).  I felt totally ridiculous, totally out of shape, and totally weak.

Those kids got the show of their life.  I was this hot mess of a prematurely elderly bodied woman in her mid-thirties, struggling to breath, and move, who was threatening her trainers existence.  Maybe they will use this live comedy show as motivation to never stop what they are doing, and to continue to work hard at the gym.  That’s all I can ask for, really.

So, jumps, kettle bell lifts, step ups, sit and stand shit, sled pushing, and basically humping air from a laying position (I think I should make a video of this move to post on here) and I was done.  It was only thirty minutes of pure hell, and sweaty eyeballs (yes.), but I was done.  I landed on the floor of the gym, throat and chest burning, and all I could think was, ‘I feel like I’ve never done this before in my life’.

I’ll be back next week.

P.S. My text to my trainer after my session was not an apology for threatening his life.  Instead, it was me telling him he missed me threatening his life.  He responded saying that he agreed, and I was one of a kind.  I think he loves me. ❤

P.P.S. My body hurt so badly that my arm was sore while stirring dinner.

Redemption Is Short Lived (The Volleyball Edition) **HOW DID THIS NOT POST?!**

Writer’s Note- What the hell??  How did this not post?  Well, scroll on back through Fat Girl Wunning, and refresh your memory of my career as a volleyball player.  Then, come back, and read this final entry about my team.


I bet you all know where this is going.

Last Wednesday was our final night for summer volleyball, 2017.  Somehow, my team made it to the playoffs.  I mean, all we really had to do was be one of the top 10 out of twelve teams, but still.  We made it.

Unfortunately, playoffs just happened to land on the worst day ever.  Two of our best  team members would be up in the air, on a plane, flying to Europe.  Another one of our badass players would be vacationing with his family at a beach.  So far, already no good.  Add in that the week prior we lost all four games due to complete shit playing, and we had a recipe for failure, for playoffs.

It was best out of three.  If you won, you moved on.  If you lost, you were obviously out.  Which mean, no trophy full of Harpoon beer, for you.

Games start at 6:30 pm.  The league refs made a few announcements, and we were off to the courts.  The games begin, and keeping right on par with the last few weeks of the season, we suck.  Balls drop.  Balls are being hit directly out of bounds.  No one calls the ball, and bodies hit.  It was a disaster.  All we really could do, was laugh.  I mean, I spent the time sideline coaching, and then freaking out on the court, but really what’s new?

Have I mentioned that the playoff games means a photographer is there to capture the teams, in all their glory?  Yeah…  First of all, no glory was happening with team Block Party.  Secondly, while standing next to him while I was sideline coaching, I may have told him to walk away from me because otherwise he was going to go deaf, listening to me scream.

It’s amazing how even on the last night of the season, I still get flustered when I’m out of rotation, and then realize I have to go back in and serve.  But here I was.  It was my turn to serve, during the second game, and it really truly didn’t matter because we were obviously losing.  All of a sudden I hear, ‘Look good for the photographer!’ and I ask, ‘Where is he?!?’

Right.Next.To.Me.  Somehow I didn’t notice him.  Anyways, I do my routine of digging my feet into the sand, relaxing my body, twirling the ball in my hand (all of this makes me look like I know what I’m doing), I swing my arm and I hit the ball over the net.  I immediately turn to the photographer and say, ‘If it’s ugly, delete it!’.  He promised it wasn’t ugly.

So let’s just fast forward.  Not too far though… like fast forward to 6:55 (remember, the games started at 6:30).  We’re out.  We have lost two games.  Miserable.  We packed up our shit, and said our final good-byes to each other.  Someone piped up and asked, ‘Anyone want to go for a beer?’ and the whole team responded the same way… groaning and sadly saying, ‘no…’.

Who would want to celebrate that kind of end to an otherwise decent season?  Meh.



BTW- I’m so very thankful that Volleyball Season is over because now I can get a pedicure without the sand destroying it! #yayforlittlethings


‘That’s When You Know You’re A Real Weight Lifter’

“Oh no!  An injury?! Well, that’s how you know you’re a real weight lifter”.

That’s the text I received from my old trainer (who is soon to be my new trainer, AGAIN), when I told him that I wasn’t allowed to do to any sort of weight lifting for a while, because I hurt my shoulder.

It.  Sucks.  It’s like, when you’re finally on a roll and you are doing well and then CRASH! BOOM! BANG! life gets in the way.  Again.

So I hurt my shoulder doing a lift I had never done before, where the bar of weights is resting on the back of my neck, and shoulders.  It’s the only thing I can think of that would have pulled anything back there.  Two days after the work out I was sore, but that’s normal.  It was the next three days, and the following week after getting medication, that sucked so bad.

My doctor thought I had a pinched nerve… FUCK! NOT AGAIN! WHY ME??? (queue Nancy Kerrigan scream).  Upon further investigation, my new Physical Therapist (the lucky duck he is) decided that it was actually a severely pulled muscle in my shoulder, and it is now affecting my arm and neck strength.  Cool.

I have some exercises I get to do at home to try to ease the pain, and get myself back in working order.  I also have my super-cool-make-me-fall-asleep medication, to help with the awful pain.  I was really bummed out about not being able to weight train, but I will tell you one thing…  When the Physical Therapist said ‘Definitely NO SQUATS’, I almost got down on one knee, and proposed.