This One Is About A Wicked Nice Farmer I Know

I’ve posted about the hilariously shitty things that people have said to me, about my weight loss, but this time, I want to share a story about a really nice comment.

My town has a Farmer’s Market, and I’ve gone every Thursday, in the summer, for at least six years.  I go to the same vendor for fruits and vegetables, every single time.

Over the years, I’ve gotten to know the guy who runs this particular stand.  We have small chit chat, and he’s always very pleasant.  He’s really a very, very nice guy (also cute, but that has nothing to do with it. haha!).  Once upon a time, he told me his name, but I never remember names…because I suck.  I call him Farmer Brown, when I talk about him.  Judge me.

Yesterday, while paying for my pretty peaches and zucchini, Farmer Brown said, ‘Umm… I don’t know if this is ok to say; I mean, I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this, but you’ve lost a lot of weight!  Is that ok to say?  I hope it is!  You look great!’

I replied, ‘OF COURSE!’  I thanked him, and told him a few stories about the crazy shit people have said, and how this weird human race thinks it’s ok to say kind of, well,  slightly rude comments about people who lose weight (but not when they gain it, of course!).  He was shocked at the things I’ve heard, and we just laughed about it.

I will say, that sometimes it’s awkward when people say something, but deep down I actually really enjoy it.  I don’t enjoy it because I’m narcissistic.  I enjoy it because sometimes I don’t see the changes.  When other people haven’t seen me in a while, their reactions are always nice because that’s how I know I’ve changed.  My hard work, and dedication to this process, has all been worth it, when I get those reactions.

Anyways, I really wish that he knew that he absolutely made my day.



It’s Going Down, I’m Yelling Timber!

Ok, so it’s been a while since I’ve written, but I sure have saved a Typical Fat Girl Wunning story for you.  One that will make you laugh (with me, I promise), and will hopefully put a smile on your face.

Let me start by saying that I may not be writing about it much, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working out.  In fact, I’ve spent this entire winter at the gym.  I’m there a solid 3-4 times a week, and I’m training with a trainer.  Positive?  I’m doing it.  Negative?  I don’t have many hilarious stories.  Until now…

So last week it was really nice out, and I decided to seize the day and walk on the Path.  MY Path.  The Rail Trail.  You won’t soon forget all of the shenanigans I have gone through on this path.  From being pooped on by a bird, to When Animals Attack… I have been through the ringer.  This day was NO different.

I start my walk, and the first challenge is that portions of the path are covered in snow and ice.  I take it easy, and navigate my way to the clear part of the path.  I’m all alone, and it’s beautiful!  I am so glad to be back on the path; there really is something about being outside in real fresh air.  I make it to the end of the route, and turn around to go back.  During this part of my walk, ‘Timber’ by Pitbull and featuring Ke$ha (two of my favorites to walk  to) comes on.   I’m thinking, ‘Yes!  I’m gonna walk real fast.. keep up my pace, for the WHOLE song!’   I’m on a roll.  I’m walking… fast.  My heartbeat is up… My pace is steady…. and as I come up to the ice I think, ‘Keep going, keep moving.  Don’t stop.’  I decide NOT to stop.  I can make it through!! I can do this!!


Down I go.  Onto my ass.  Legs twisted in different directions.  And even thought I know I’m alone, the only crazy one to walk on an icy path, I look around to make sure no one is staring at me.  No one is.  Phew!  I’m safe.

Keep Moving.

IMG_6208#winningIMG_6206That ice though…..

Hello, Bandwagon? Did You Forget Me?

No, seriously…. I think I missed my ride.

Ugh. I stopped. I stopped wunning, and I stopped moving, and I stopped making time for myself. How quickly we can just forget how amazing we felt when we did something good for our bodies, and even more quickly, go back to the ‘old’ routine.

For those who don’t know, I work in Providence, and I live in Framingham. That’s an hour and ten minutes commute each way. That’s 53 miles, EACH WAY. That also means that along with my 8+ hours of work, I also have 2 hours and change of a commute…which means I don’t have a hell of a lot of time to do anything for myself. Or, at least that’s what I tell myself. I knew when taking this job, that I would limit my time, and have to force myself to create a new routine, and way to do things. And please, don’t get me wrong. I’m very excited to be there, and to learn so much about myself, and the business, and everything that comes with being a manager… but it’s a tough transition.

So, here’s the new plan:

1. Don’t give up.

2. No excuses.

3. Give a shit about myself.

So, starting this week, even though I’ll be in Connecticut for a training, I WILL be wunning. I’ll pack my bright pink sneakers, my favorite pants from Athleta, and my “It’s not sweat, it’s sparkle” tank, and I’ll show the rest of the managers of the company, that I give a shit about myself. I don’t care how tired I am, how bad my back hurts, or what time it is… I’m wunning.

Do me a favor, and ask me how it went, OK?


BTW- for those looking for a ridiculous story about how nonathletic I really am, here it is: Paint the picture for yourself. I’m miniature golfing. I hit the ball, it rolls up the course and DIRECTLY over and past the hole. I run up, excited to rub it in my opponents faces, that I was CLOSE to a hole in one, and when I get to the top, I trip on rocks and fall…on my back. You’re welcome.

And if your wondering? No one came to my aid. No one.