Proof Is In The Numbers

I’m at the gym on training day.  I’m doing my first exercise of the night- throwing a medicine ball down as hard as I can, then picking it up, throwing it forward, walking to it, and doing it all over again.  I hate this work out.  HATE THIS WORK OUT… but something changed on my last throw.  A woman working out nearby saw the medicine ball and said, ‘WOW!  Twenty pounds?!’.  Franz said, ‘YEP!’.  I sat, confused.  This isn’t normal?  Is that a lot of weight?  Apparently it is…

That’s what’s so funny about working out with Franz.  I am pushed to do things I wouldn’t do on my own, and sometimes, I don’t even realize how physically strong I am.

So, let’s go over a couple of the numbers from this particular work out day.  After my twenty pound medicine ball throwing, I did 10 reps-4 times, of pulling 135 pounds back in what I call the ‘Pull Back’.  Good enough name, right?  Wouldn’t it be lovely if I knew (or listened) to the real names??  In between reps, I did 10 push ups.  Kill me.  Next up, was planking, but I had to plank on one arm, while moving weights from one side of my body to the other, and then switch to the other arm.  In between reps, I pushed a 25 lb weight over my head, one arm at a time.  Fast forward a few more fancy moves, and my very last ‘challenge’ was holding 40 lb kettle bells in each hand (90 lbs!!  (Almost) Exactly what I’ve lost!) , and walking back and forth down the track, for 2 minutes.  Sounds like it might be easy… it’s not.

Numbers don’t lie.  I don’t know where I started… but holy crap I can do a lot more than I thought I could, now.

P.S.- I am writing this and my arms are shaking.  The next two days are gonna be rough.

P.P.S- Today I taught the little boy I nanny how to show his muscles (and grunt while doing it).  Clearly an important skill.


Truth Be Told

So today I went to my nutritionist to check in and chit chat about my eating habits, and what I can improve on.

She was very happy with all of my progress, and was able to look at my food diary on MyFitnessPal to see where I am with getting all of my nutrients in.  She opened up my log, and said, ‘Ok, let’s look at yesterday.’  I immediately respond, ‘Ohhh… yesterday was probably a high carb day!’.  Her eyes got wide, as she looked up at me, and said, ‘Ummm…. no.’

This is when I learned that I have been eating far too few carbs, and probably could use more calories in my day.  See?  A check in with a nutritionist is good, every once in a while.

The coolest part of my appointment was using the InBody machine.  The machine basically analyzes your entire body, and breaks down your body composition, analyzes your BMI, and your muscle-fat.  It breaks it down all the way to each leg, and arm.  It’s pretty incredible.

Here is the best part about this test (besides that it shows how hard I’ve been working at the gym).  There is actual proof that my right arm and my left leg are weaker than their counterparts!! I’ve been saying it all along, and I was right!!  It literally shows that the muscle mass is lower in my right arm, and left leg.  Incredible.

Also… remember that time I said that I am pretty sure there are six-pack abs underneath the E.T. exterior of my stomach?  Apparently I am right about that, too.  My muscle mass was above average!  BOOM!!!

Next time I go to see her, in January, we will do another test, and it will compare results to this past appointment.  The fact that I am super excited about that, blows my mind, but I am.

Get out and WUN!


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I’m sensitive.  Underneath the funny, sarcastic, fowl mouthed exterior, I am sensitive.  Sometimes I find these more serious Memes and my sensitive, sentimental side comes out. I think about where I have come from.  Ninety pounds ago, I thought I … Continue reading

Jump Up, Jump Up, Don’t Fall Down

My nieces came to visit over the weekend.  Being the spoiled littles that they are, every time they come, we love to do something extra special with them.  This trip, we had something GOLDEN planned.

My brother, his wife, and I brought them to a trampoline park.  When we walked in, the place was a freaking zoo.  We should have known; It was a holiday weekend.  Kids were EVERYWHERE and the sheer volume of noise in this place was overwhelming.  I was a little nervous that this would throw them off… but we got lucky, they were ready to jump.  By the way, when I told Franz what we were doing with them, his actual response to me was, “You probably shouldn’t go unattended.  You’re gonna hurt yourself, or break something.”.  #supportive

We checked in, and headed to the trampolines.  OFF.  THEY.  WENT.  I’ll admit, I was a little nervous to get onto the trampoline.  In my head, I’m still 90 lbs heavier; But this year is all about change, and facing fears, and I got on that shit, and jumped.  It was so much fun!  We had a blast jumping, bouncing (and watching other, more daring people flip).  The girls were completely carefree and going wild.  They loved every second.

I won’t even lie- I had to remind myself to relax my body, because that shit hurt my back if I jumped to stiffly.  Also, all I could think was ‘What’s Jiggling?” while I bounced.  But you know what?  Who the fuck cares?  There were hundreds of kids and adults there.  I was just one in the crowd, and I was having fun!

An hour and a half of jumping later, we took our tired girls to get ice cream for lunch (because that’s what you do when you’re an aunt and uncle).

When we left the park, a friend messaged and asked if I had fun.  I said, ‘I did! It was great!  We just got into the car to leave.’  Without skipping a beat, the return message was ‘In a car?  Not a van with flashing lights??  I’m impressed.’  It really is amazing the amount of supportive (and clearly hilarious) people I have around me.


this place was no joke.

Safe Word

So in my last entry, I wrote about how all I do is complain to Franz, and when it really hurts, he doesn’t believe me.  Well, after that blog came out, a loyal reader (Hey, Katie!) suggested that we come up with a safe word to use.  You know, the one word that I’m allowed to use to tell him that NO I’M DEAD SERIOUS, I’M DYING.

When I walked into training on that Wednesday, I proposed this idea to him, and he laughed.  Then we both threw out words to use… at the same time.  His was ‘Nutella’.  Mine was ‘Marshmallow’.  The first thing I thought was, I need a s’more.

After this, he proceeded to kick my ass, and I couldn’t use my legs for two days, and I never did get my s’more.

By the way, when Katie suggested I use a safe word, she also told me I couldn’t abuse it.  I kept that in mind, until the end of my session.  I was tired.  I had been working so hard the whole time.  Pushing myself to my limits.  Feeling weak, but knowing I was strong.  The very last set of exercises he put me through was pushing the Man Sled down the ‘green’, and back.  He loaded it with 90 pounds, on top of it’s own heavy steel weight.  When I got back to the start, I immediately had to go into a plank for 45 seconds, and then do it all over again.  By the third set, I finally succumbed to my own pain and suffering, and yelled, “Nutella!  Marshmallow!!  NUTELLA AND MARSHMALLOW!!”.  And if you were wondering, he didn’t care.  I had to finish my last set.