It’s All Lies.

Since I’ve lost weight I have felt a little guilty.

I’m guilty, because I shamelessly write on a blog LOVINGLY named ‘Fat Girl Wunning’.  If you know me, this blog was never supposed to make fun of anyone who was overweight.  That’s just not something I would even do.  In fact, this blog was originally intended to make my friends and family laugh at me while I went through the journey of being a healthier version of myself.  I think I have succeeded in that.  The name of the blog was just a part of that whole ‘make people laugh’ bit.  To my surprise, this blog has ended up reaching people near and far; traveling around the world.  So, let’s keep it going!

Since I’ve lost weight, I really can’t say that I am a Fat Girl Wunning, any more.  I CAN say that I am a Thinner-But-Not-Any-More-Athletic-Than-Before Girl Wunning.  But really, let’s be honest;  That name just isn’t as catchy or as funny.  So, from here on out, this blog will continue to be called Fat Girl Wunning.  It will live forever, on the internet, as a reminder of where we have been on this journey, together, as Writer (wunner) and readers (wunner fans).

After much thought, and consideration (ok, more lies… I decided this in about 3 minutes), I will take this blog to another level.  I will continue to share my ridiculous stories about my work outs, trainers, gym visits, and rail trail wuns, but it will also NOW include some of my recipes (good and bad; fails and successes).

You may be saying to yourselves, ‘Recipes?!  What?!’  Yes.  I work really hard to figure out foods that I can eat, and when I make a recipe, I spend time tirelessly figuring out the nutrition facts, and then figuring out how I can tweak the recipe to make it even healthier (for me).  These may not be the most tasty, restaurant quality, incredible foods you’ve ever tasted, but I can promise that I eat them, and for ME, they work.  I’ll share my ideas on substituting ingredients and I’ll be honest about how they taste.

This blog will take us all on a journey into my obsessive ‘foodie’ brain, all while trying to stay on the healthy side.  Got cravings? Me too.  I’ll work on ideas to satisfy those.  Miss rice?  Me too.  I’ve got ideas.  Do YOU have suggestions, or ideas for me to try?  Comment away!!  I want to read/try/experiment/challenge myself with it ALL.

So, welcome, to Fat Girl Wunning 2.0.  (Still lovingly called Fat Girl Wunning)C73966CC-C2BB-436F-B7DE-9EDA0805B128


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